All About Us

Strat and me Vday DanceHi all! We wanted to introduce ourselves a little bit to give you some insight into what makes us tick. We actually met when we were in high school in Pasadena. Alessandra was a freshman and Stratton a junior. Alessandra had the biggest crush on Stratton and we often would talk on AIM (remember AIM?!? – I’ll leave out what our screennames were because no one is proud of their screen names from the 90s). We actually went on one date, which neither of us remembers because we think we barely said a word to each other, and also went to a dance. But then that was pretty much history since Stratton didn’t really love going for younger girls (go figure right?).

Flash forward to 2010 when Alessandra was teaching English in Thailand. We both decided to join a dating website called Yahoo Personals (doesn’t even exist anymore) saw each other and said, “Hey! I know that person.” We chatted for a couple months here and there while Alessandra gallivanted around SE Asia on her own, not really thinking much of it (of course we both admitted we were like, hmmmm…. what if this turns into something, but we didn’t admit that until much later).

AlessandraStrattonWedding_Version2_-724Alessandra returned home and Stratton suggested grabbing a drink to watch the NBA playoffs (lucky him Alessandra is such a sports fan!). From that day, we’ve been inseparable. Engaged in 2012. Married in 2014. And in 2015, we have decided to make a HUGE change in our lives and travel the world.
Oh, and we’re also expecting a baby in March/April 2016. Kind of a big deal right? Our dream is to learn about everything the world has to offer. Alessandra has always dreamt about having children abroad and raising them with travel as a big part of their lives. Our first little one will be born in the US, but as soon as the munchkin is strong enough (and we’re ready ourselves) we’ll be back on the road.

Our Wandering Roots embodies the idea that although we want to travel, our roots are wherever we are. Wherever our growing family is. That living is about experiencing and home can be anywhere as long as you are with the ones you love. Join us!


Meet Alessandra


  • I love singing the things I do around the house
  • I once asked Stratton while we were falling asleep if he ever wishes he could cut his ears off. His answer: Umm…no sweetie…I don’t….
  • I would rather drink Martinelli’s Sparking Cider than champagne
  • I’ve always wanted to a cartwheel on a freeway – I’ve come kinda close, doing one on a road in Thailand and a highway in Vietnam, but I don’t think those really count
  • I often cry during commercials (those advertisers know what they’re doing!)
  • When I was little, I would write letters to celebrities (yes, handwritten letters) telling them how much I loved them in particular movies or shows. I was so excited when I received a signed picture from Taz. (and yes, the cartoon character)
  • I believe in always being your authentic self, if someone doesn’t like me, I guess that’s ok
  • I desperately want to be an infomercial actress and act overly excited when a household appliance can make a smoothie AND finely chop onions


Meet Stratton


  • In my early 20s, I went an entire weekend where I only ate ice cream
  • I once made a video of me dancing (which I then sent to Alessandra who was away in graduate school at the time) for a solid 2 minutes, with only ESPN playing quietly in the background
  • I used to ride a motorcycle to work
  • The first time I drove on a freeway in Los Angeles, I was thirteen
  • My first word was one I made up for truck, “bucca.” I guess that love of trucks has never gone away
  • I grew up playing the cello and have been playing the guitar for twenty years. I love jamming and creating my own music