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Highlight: Hallgrímskirkja Church // Iceland

November 16, 2015

When we were in Iceland this May, we didn’t get a lot of time to explore Reyjkavik.  We spent the majority of our time (only 6 days) racing around the island to see as much as possible.

This time, we wanted to get to know the city more because something was so alluring about it.  The last night we were here, we had been sitting in a pizza shop (we were SO excited to have pizza because all around Iceland’s ring road was more traditional Icelandic food, which don’t get me wrong, is amazing, but we were craving a little taste of familiar). A feeling came over me as we were reflecting on our trip.

An “I could’ve seen myself living here” feeling.  A “maybe one day we will” feeling.

Little did I know, less than 6 months later we would be visiting the same city.  And that feeling definitely lingered.  (and its still lingering as I sit here writing this in Norway).

So as our first installment to our “Highlight” series I want to introduce you to one of the, if not THE, best view of this beautiful city, Hallgrímskirkja Church.

Its really easy to find.  You kind of can’t miss it.  I’m guessing its the tallest building in the city (there really aren’t any tall buildings in Reykjavik, which is SO nice). Its one of those buildings that you’d want to check out anyways even if you didn’t know you could climb to the top.

IMG_9792 IMG_9795

Not only is the church absolutely stunning and super unique, but they allow you to go up into the tower where there are small lookout alcoves for you to check out the city.

And of course, we ended up going up on the most beautiful day we had in Iceland (maybe second most beautiful day – ok this isn’t a competition).  This was not planned although it may look that way.


I mean seriously, how cool is this city?!



IMG_9834 IMG_9838

I can’t remember exactly how much it was to go up into the tower, I think possibly 600-700 krona, but it is definitely worth it.  I probably could have stayed up there all day!

IMG_9832Hallgrímskirkja Church - Iceland

I’ve seen pictures of the Northern Lights over the city from this viewpoint, but I’m not sure how late the tower is open.  I remember trying to spot to see if anyone was up there at night, but I guess my eyesight isn’t that good (although the one time I went to the eye doctor she told me I had “super human” eyesight – I’m not going to brag or anything).

We loved the church so much that we had to capture it in our Reykjavik baby bump picture!


We just love this city!

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