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Highlight: Svínafellsjökull // Iceland

November 25, 2015

Remember how I said my “plan” was to spend a whole day in Skaftafell park? And remember how I said that didn’t happen? Well, I think something even better happened.  Fancy that.

We were on our way to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and it was getting dark pretty fast.  It doesn’t really do any good for your 3 hour drive if you get to the place you are going when it is pitch dark outside.  So we were kind of rushing, which is the worst feeling ever, especially in a place like Iceland.

Iceland should be the land of “take your time.”

We weren’t running out of time by any means, but I had my own agenda of being able to spend a LOT of time at the glacier lagoon because I feel like we didn’t get enough time in May.  (I have come to learn that I need to drop my agenda, something I am coming to terms with slowly).

We passed the glacier we climbed on last time, Skaftafellsjökull, which was one of our favorite things we did and we were hoping to do a hike that would get us a view above the glacier this time.

No time for hiking.

So we passed the glacier.  We were just going to skip the whole “glacier thing” altogether, which you definitely canNOT do if you are in Iceland.  Glaciers are a must, and even though we have yet to do an actual “glacier hike” we would highly recommend it, or so we hear, because glaciers are just too cool.

Then I saw a sign on the road that said, Svínafellsjökull 2km not too far after the turn off for Skaftafell Park.  The sign seemed to be insinuating that we could just drive to the glacier, that no hiking would be involved (ok maybe I was completely reading into this very simple sign).  I slammed on the brakes (luckily I was the one driving because I know Stratton probably wouldn’t have done that) and made a quick turn down the dirt road.

This was something new and we had no idea what was in store for us. How exciting 🙂

After a VERY bumpy road, with a pot hole perfectly made for every tire the entire 2km, we came across a parking lot.  From there we could see a glacier lagoon! (I put the exclamation point there because as you know, all I wanted to do was spend time and explore the glacier lagoon I already saw, and here I was standing in front of one I hadn’t seen yet, I meant, YEAH!)


IMG_0030IMG_0053You couldn’t quite see the glacier from here, but if I know my glacier lagoons, I know there is a glacier somewhere nearby.

There was a fence and a gate, which was closed, but we just went around the fence.  Not sure if that was ok, but hey its Iceland, I’m pretty sure people go on the wrong side of fences quite a bit.


We started around the bend and then we saw it, right there…right there!! No huge hike needed to get a good view.  We were right on top of it, and the best thing about it, we were all on our own.  No other hikers shouting to one another or chatting loudly. No one getting in front of our picture or fighting for the best view.

Just the sound of the ice breaking and cracking.

There is nothing like that sound…

IMG_0061 IMG_0069

It was like our own personal glacier. (Everyone needs one of those by the way).

IMG_0058 IMG_0082


It was so incredibly peaceful there.  On our own, sun setting (oh shoot….we need to get to the glacier lagoon!!!!! – was a thought I NEVER had when sitting and looking at our surroundings).

It was perfect.

IMG_0097 IMG_0125


The glacier was our favorite part of the trip in May and this moment is definitely up there for this trip.  I think I’m starting to see a trend.

Glaciers are our jam.

IMG_0090 IMG_0114

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