How we do it

Many of you are wondering how we are able to afford to travel around the world. Did we save up a bunch of money that we would use to fund our travel? Are we going to get jobs when we move to other countries? Are we going to get a job, save money, travel till it runs out, and then do it all over again?

The answer to all those questions is: no. We actually work WHILE we travel. Pretty perfect right? Best of both worlds. We get to follow our dreams and we don’t run out of money while we do it. We actually SAVE money.

As much as Alessandra loves writing and photography, she doesn’t want to put the pressure on that to make us money while we travel. It could happen, but its more of a passion than it is a job. She was introduced to an amazing product about 6 months ago called Juice Plus. Maybe some of you have heard of it. Maybe some of you haven’t. But we swear by it. Within weeks of taking Juice Plus, we started feeling major changes, which doesn’t always happen to everyone as it does most of its work on the inside. You can see Alessandra’s account of the benefits she felt here. Stratton felt similar. His exact words are, “I’ve never felt better in my life.” (And he was a tough sell on even trying the product!).

So what is Juice Plus?
Whole-food nutrition. Straight fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus is wholefood nutrition. It has “Nutrition Facts” on its label, not “supplement facts.” It consists of over 30 different fruits and vegetables, which are picked at their upmost ripeness, juiced, dried, and then put into capsules (or in Alessandra’s case, chewables, since for some reason she has the hardest time swallowing pills!). There are two keys to that last sentence. The first is “different.” We often eat the same vegetables and fruits. Generally, the ones we are comfortable with or we can eat/cook quickly. At least that’s how our household works. But when we stick to the same fruits and veggies, we miss out on tons of nutrition and phytonutrients from those that are not in our diet. The second key is that JP is picked at its ripest. We miss out on this at our grocery stores. Maybe not so much at our farmer’s markets, but not everyone has the luxury of being able to shop at farmer’s markets every week. But our grocery stores have to get all their items shipped to them, which means that the fruits/veggies were picked way before they were ripe so that they may be ripe by the time they arrive at the store. We lose out on tons of nutrients when this happens. Juice Plus skips this step of shipping as the juicing happens right on site.

Ok so why is this product important for the travel community?

30 fruits and veggies packed into these little guys!We honestly believe its important for everyone who wants a boost in their health (we started the products even when we weren’t traveling), but when traveling, it is SO hard to eat healthily because we often need to eat wherever we can find, whether that’s on the side of the road or a hole in the wall bar. This is where Juice Plus comes in. Doctors say that we need 7-12 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Alessandra knows that when she traveled extensively, she was getting FAR from that (we even get far from that in the comfort of our own home). Juice Plus is a way to bridge the gap between what we DO eat and what we SHOULD eat. Its not a replacement as we still need to eat raw fruits/veggies, but it helps ensure that you are getting the nutrients that you need to function at your best on the road, which means avoiding diseases and sicknesses (we have not been sick in over 6 months!). That means, not missing out on ANYTHING.

Why did we choose this as a business?

Do Beautiful Things with your BEAUTIFUL life. This is about more than the products. This is about a lifestyle and going for your dreams, following your heart, and never saying “no” to what you really want. Yes, we have amazing products (oh and did I mention we are backed by over 30 clinical studies showing the amazing benefits Juice Plus has on the body? Well, we are.), but its really about getting to know people’s dreams and helping them achieve them. There might be someone teetering on the idea of quitting their job to travel but are worried about money. Or someone who just wants to take a big trip, or gain a new passion like paragliding or rock climbing or scuba diving, but don’t feel like they have the time to do it because of work. Or maybe someone just wants to get the car they’ve always wanted, but can’t afford the payments, or upgrade to a bigger apartment or house. Or someone who wants to travel for as long as they WANT, not until the money runs out. (Is any of this ringing a bell to any of you?)

This is where the best part of our job comes in. Helping people GO FOR IT. Giving them the tools to build something for themselves. There’s nothing like helping someone achieve their dreams. Its really a feel good, inside and out business, healthwise and dreamwise. When you’re backed by amazing products, that are proven to improve the immune system, decrease oxidative stress in the body, thus preventing sickness and disease, and improve the overall quality of life, its pretty much a no-brainer.

We’re looking for motivated individuals who are inspired by creating their own lives, who want to travel the world or who need an extra income, but most importantly, we want people who are ready to follow their dreams and go for it.

So join us! Team High Five! Contact us!


Note: Stratton chose the name. Pretty genius really, Juice Plus has 5 products: Capsules, Chewables, Complete protein shake, Complete nutrition bars, and the Tower Garden. So that has the 5 covered, but what the team name really embodies is the good vibes that a high five spreads. Go try it. Offer someone a high five. They may look at you funny, but I guarantee you, when they raise their hand to slap yours, they’re going to have a smile on their face.